Kim Kardashian West’s Stylist has The Answers…



A couple days ago Kim Kardashian West posted this look on her instagram. To the average eye it looks pretty simple. Skirt, top, jacket, and shoes. However there are definitely levels to this outfit. In the caption she revealed that she pretty much re-purposed clothing to create this look AND her shoes were from Ebay (ok girl…). The top was cut into a crop, the jacket is actually a dress she wore open, the skirt is actually a dress. Love it! I actually do this alot with my closet and it’s a great way to make old clothes “new” again, especially when the dollars are low or bills have to come before shopping. Get creative with your closet, it may help alleviate those “I don’t have anything to wear” days, that we all have.  Answers, all of them!


Have a good weekend, happy Halloween.

3 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian West’s Stylist has The Answers…

  1. I’ve never tried getting creative in my closet, but I need to start after reading this. I just usually wear items in their original form, but I’ll try to see if there is anything that I have that I could wear in a different way.

  2. Ah, Kim looks fab as always. ❤ I used to love getting creative with my clothes, but I've been playing it safe more often than not these days. Maybe I'll try 'repurposing' my clothes again some time!


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