OOTD: It’s cold in Cali and I’m Trying To Keep It Cute..

For the last week the Bay Area turned into New York. It’s cold!!!! And people don’t know what to do or how to dress for it. Especially for night outings where you want to look like some work but stay warm. Being that I grew up bi coastal and spent most of my adult life down south or on the east coast. I have learned that layering is your friend along with keeping warm fabrics in mind. So my vintage leather jacket I found at a thrift store for $20 in Charlotte is my holy grail. I wear that thing with everything! My Asos Paris tight keep my legs warm under my demon shorts and my old faithful H&M scarf helped as well. ( the flannel shirt was very trendy of me but it also blocked the wind a bit so yay for trends that are function. I win!) Anyway the star of this outfit is my LPD NY shirt that I love. They use a good quality t shirt I must say and I def want to cop a black one. They are available on http://www.netaporter.com.

I feel like I’m super trendy and I don’t always follow trends but I’m down for an effortless looking outfit alllllllll day. The key is making it your own and adding interest with your accessories, hair, and makeup. You could totally switch this around and wear heels or change the shorts to a skirt. It’s so easy.


5 Luxury Items I’m Crying In A Corner For…….

As much as I love a cheap Wal-Mart or Target item, I love Net-A-Porter and stores of the like. However, I live in California(cost of living is disrespectful) and grad student (equally disrespectful). So dropping copious amounts of money on some Chanel boots isn’t in the cards for me (FOR NOW). A girl can dream (or stop eating out so much and buying Hennessy on the weekend) Here are the five items that I have starry eyes for this week.



Tamara Mellon Fringed Leather Skirt $795


Alexander McQueen Silk Skull Scarf $425

jacjetRichard Nicoll Python Jacquard Bomber $1,155


Gucci Soho Leather Bag $1,490


Charlotte Olympia Belinda Cutout Suede Sandals $1,455

I have been good this year by the way……..or Nah?

Unplanned Outfit of The Day…

Outfit of the day posts can kinda rub me the way that new reality shows do. Planned,staged, and somewhat unnatural. Other times they are so cool and give me inspiration and idea for my own style. Anyway, down the street from my house is this awesome graffiti wall that I like to let my dog run around by while we were there we snapped a few pics.

Nothing too special about this outfit. Retro Jordan’s, AWESOME Hanes sweatpants from Wal-Mart (best $5 I’ve spent this year) Urban Outfitters jacket and a scarf from H&M. My sunglasses I found on sale at Target that I’m also obsessed with. I don’t believe in wearing expensive sunglasses because I ALWAYS lose them. Never fails. Anyway today was cold and I didn’t feel like combing my hair or putting in too much effort. I also didn’t want to look like a bum so there ya go! Sometimes those cheap basic items from Wal-Mart or Target can be just as coveted and those sweats are my new BFF! What’s your coveted cheap item.





Must Have: 10 Deep Holiday 2013 Collection



Men’s fashion has always been something I enjoyed dressing myself in. Mixing elements from both sides together in one look is what I enjoy about my personal style and makes getting dressed fun for me. On this blog you will learn about my serious lust for crewneck sweatshirts (it is oh SO real). I copped some hanes sweatshirts from WalMart to demo my lust, but that will be in another post.

Anyway, 10 Deep is one brand that I really enjoy lusting after. They really know how to make good use of colors and patterns in their clothing that isn’t super trendy or corny. They just released their 2013 Holiday collection and there were several pieces that caught my eye. My top picks are below. You can check out the full collection HERE. And start dropping hints to your loved ones about what you want for your respective holiday.

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