Cooking is Stylish: For the Love of Rib-eye

I love a good steak. And when my body wants it, it just does and I have to give it what it wants. For me Rib-eye has the perfect balance of meat and fat which means HELLA flavor. Earlier this week I went to my local farmers market and bought a $3 bag of baby kale and wanted to do something with it other than saute it. Then I remember this great chopped Kale salad that my mom used to make and also a kale and quinoa salad that I love at my friends Restaurant The Cook and Her Farmer. So boom dinner. I made a dressing (totally eyeballed) from half a lemon, half orange, apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic, shallots, and love.

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When life comes at you fast…


You stop blogging…..

Whew man I am a slacker. Life just has rocked my world lately so I just haven’t been posting. It makes me sad because I truly love blogging and writing. However sometimes you have to take a break and I have a day job bap sometimes the last thing I want to do is look a a computer screen. Anyway. Here’s yet another vow to do better. Don’t leave me. I promise I’ll do better. More posts to come.