Unicorn Shawty On…..Dating (Part 1)


Before moving to Oakland, I was the girl who dressed up to go EVERYwhere. I dressed up to go to the Grocery store, to run errands, even sometimes to just chill in the house (just in case I got a call to hang outside the house. My motto was, “stay ready and you don’t have to get ready”. I lived by it.

 Since moving, a lot has changed.**Enter lazy ass Maryam**.

Made In A Chicago Hood…



Chicago is a very cool place in my book. Visually the city eye catching, just beautiful to me. I have family there, and the restaurants are bomb. Plus, Kanye is from there and y’all know how I feel about Kanye. Anyway, I found out about this brand a couple years ago because I kept randomly seeing some of my Atlanta homies rocking these tie dye hoodies that said “Dope Boy Magic” on them. I thought they were dope and EVERY time I tried to get one, they would be sold out.

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You Should Know About: Pin Trill



Accessories are just as important as your ensemble. They are like the Lawrys seasoning to your outfit. They complete it, they are necessary, and they should be unique. Instagram is probably my favorite social networking site. I am highly visual about everything so it totally serves great purpose for me. Any way this post is not about my love for instagram, however I did discover the brand I am posting about today on there.

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Beyonce x TopShop…..How Sway?


I knew there was a reason that Beyonce was wearing all that TopShop, she wasn’t doing it just for fun. So today all over my timeline on IG the announcement of her collaboration with them dropped. I understood it up until the point when I found out it was going to be an Athletic/streetwear situation. And now…..I don’t get that at all.Like how Sway?  Yeah Beyonce can kill a stage in heels for 2+ hours without missing a beat, However, that’s not her bag. I don’t see how this conclusion was made.

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Required Reading: Tomboy BKLYN



Boy do I love cool sh*t. Like really love it, especially when I can identify with the vibe and the message. Thanks to my good friend @iso14below over at iso14below.com I have found a mag that I know is going to super pop.  10 year design veterans in the fashion industry Elizabeth and Ashta are on a mission to empower the progressive and stylish “tomboy”. By offering a magazine that honors that spirit and style for women.

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Kith NYC Is Going To Make My Bank Account Cry…


I was minding my business at work today when I got a mention from my very fly friend @Msquar_D. He gave me a link to the KithNYC store for their “Us” crew neck collection coming out tomorrow. For anyone who pays attention to my blog (or me in general) they KNOW I love a crew neck. Why would he do this to me? Why did I click the link? French Terry cotton, raglan sleeves!?! WHY?! I want all three colors and the Calvin Klein underwear. This is so unfair! Look for yourselves. Thanks Mark. My account now hates you… But my closet loves you.