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I’m Maryam Bell and this is my blog (duh!) Rooted in fashion, this blog has a little bit of everything. Classy rants, street style, travel, and all things me. This is about having an experience and being honest about it. This is not an “I love everything” or “hate everything” blog. This is a hiding place for you to hang out and find some inspiration. Let me breakdown a few things that are the essence of me and this blog:

I am a self proclaimed “emotional dresser” I do what my mood and the voices in my head tell me to do every morning (or night) when I get dressed.

I am a natural ubranist (someone told me that in a restaurant once.) No matter where I am I enjoy exploring my surroundings, even places I am not familiar with and literally getting lost.

I am a food designer. I make pretty food. I plate every meal like it’s in a restaurant, whether I take a picture for instagram or not.

I am a Unicorn. I believe in things that others can’t see or that don’t “exist”…….YET.





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