What’s the recipe sis?: Red Coconut Curry

Every time I am proud of a dish I randomly made here y’all go asking for a recipe that isn’t written. When will I learn? Probably never… Anyway. This is is more so focused on technique, which means it can be remixed any way you like with whatever you have on hand because that’s what I have been doing lately anyway. And I am really into one pot dishes because I AM TIRED of washing dishes. Anyway you are not here for all this your are here for what you asked for. A Recipe…peep below:

I used the following:

1 can of coconut milk


Mae Ploy Red Curry paste (use whatever you got) but red curry paste.

Half of a Diced shallot (or whatever onion you have on deck)

5 sliced Cremini mushrooms (any mushroom will do)

1/3 of a sweet potato diced (you can use half that potato was big AF)

1/3 cup of frozen spinach

Chopped cilantro 


First I used some coconut oil (use any oil you like) and saute the onion until translucent. Then added the mushrooms and sweet potato (this would be where you would add any alternative veggies you like. I have used broccoli in this as well you can also opt for regular potato). Cooked for about 4 mins on med heat. Then add a tablespoon and a half of curry paste (do this to taste some people like stronger some don’t do what you like) and continue to cook until everything is covered with the paste and is fragrant, about 3-4 mins. Next add just the cream part from the canned coconut milk. If you want a looser sauce you can add the water too, but just the cream makes it thicker. 

Turn your heat down to Med and let everything simmer for about 6-8 mins until it softens. If you are adding shrimp, this would be the time to do so as well as your frozen spinach and let them simmer in your sauce until cooked through. Add some chopped up cilantro and a squeeze of lime to finish. 

Serve with rice or naan or paratha bread or cauliflower rice. 


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