Currently Jamming To….

*pop*bodyrolls*twerks* Repeat. This song has been on repeat in my car for the last couple of days. I have always enjoyed Big Krit’s music and always thought he was a looker. So when I fell upon this song I was so here for it. Take a listen and tell me your thoughts. I can’t write too much because I’m too busy dancing.

3 Items I’m Checking For This Fall…

Fall is upon us and in my quest to dress like Kanye in GQ for the whole season. I have been plotting and planning my wardrobe. Now some of these items Kanye probably wouldn’t wear but he would certainly approve of so I am good.  All of these picks are things that I wear or possibly own anyway so really I am just giving you guys game and coming up with a shopping list which is already milesssss long. Anyway let’s get into it!:

1. Sweat Suit: I own several. Patterned ones.Solid ones. Expensive ones.One from Wal-Mart. They run the whole gambit. I love them. Some people think they are lazy.  (Karl Lagerfeld def thinks so.) I don’t, as long as you put effort into your look, nothing will look lazy. I actually like the fake lazy look a la “model off duty”. If you don’t have one, get you one you can wear it as a separate or as a whole fit. It’s three outfits in one. You are welcome. I am currently obsessing over this suit I found on Asos  that I can put heels, boots, or kicks. It’s perfect for me.




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It’s That Time of Year Again!: Supreme F/W 2014


Photo via SupremeNyc



Man oh man! Supreme dropping their Fall/Winter preview always makes my day. This year the hoodies are winning it for me. The only challenge with Supreme is that items sell out so fast, if you really want something you have to stalk the website for drops. Also there are no retocks, once it’s gone, it’s gone and you better holla at Ebay.

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Altuzarra for Target is a Yes!



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My Fall season wardrobe wise is about to be so poppin! The lookbook for the Altuzarra collaboration with Target dropped this week and I’m feeling it. For some reason it gives me the vibe of Kim K going on a job interview(which is awesome!). In other words I’m here for a lot of the pieces. When I get dressed I like to straddle the fence when it comes to my style. I either go for cool relaxed tomboy vibe or ultra sexy dressed up (sometimes I try a combo).

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Required Reading: Tomboy BKLYN



Boy do I love cool sh*t. Like really love it, especially when I can identify with the vibe and the message. Thanks to my good friend @iso14below over at I have found a mag that I know is going to super pop.  10 year design veterans in the fashion industry Elizabeth and Ashta are on a mission to empower the progressive and stylish “tomboy”. By offering a magazine that honors that spirit and style for women.

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