I Kicked It At The GAP…..


On a fluke I got an invite from my friend @Camrus that The GAP in downtown San Francisco was having a party and we were invited….. FUN! They had a manicure station provided by TopCoat, a bar with drinks for the free (hello!) and a photo booth set up by Lookmazing.com where you could get styled by GAP and win prizes on their site. The store itself is really nice and huge! I really enjoyed myself and the DJ was a good time. Make sure you stop by and check out the spring items coming in. There were some really great items for men and women. I found a denim shirt that I’m obsessed with finding in my size now. Here are some pics below.







Nike Dropped The Red Octobers And Killed The Vibe

20140209-111328.jpgOh Nike! Why did you do that? Why would you just randomly on a cold Sunday in February drop the Red Octobers (Key word OCTOBER) and not tell anybody? Someone in Portland was listening to the new Beyonce album too many times. The reactions for the most part are so funny. Sneaker enthusiasts and hypebeasts all over are sick! See how twitter reacted below.

First this happened….


Then this happened…..


This ALL this happened…..




Cue Drakes “Worst Behavior” Nike don’t love y’all.

Special Delivery: Melody Ehsani x Reebok Omni Pump


After refreshing my browser a million times last weekend my shoes came. I’m excited. They are so comfy and I got some nail wraps to match! The attention to detail down to the tape on the outside of the box. Is what sets Melody Ehsani apart from many designers out. I can’t wait to rock these (which will probably won’t be for a while) however when I do there will be an outfit post for sure. For now take a look!





Check Out MelodyEhsani.com and follow @MelodyEhsani.


You Look Good….You Smell Good: Bond No. 9…….


Smelling good is just as important as looking good. The day I got my first “grown woman perfume” a good friend of mine gifted it to me. The box itself excited me. I wanted to keep every single piece that came with it and in it. It was a bottle of Astor Place from Bond No.9……..After that first spray…I was HOOKED. Every time I wore that scent I would get constant compliments about how good I smelled. That was about 5 years ago and to this day that is one of my go to scents. On top of the amazing scents the bottles are works of art and all inspired by my favorite city New York…Just beautiful. Anyway here are some great options and stop by your local Nordstrom or Saks to try out some samples and peep my my faves below.




http://www.bondno9.com @bond_no9

Shout out to E!!


Dress Like You Listen To Sinatra…….


Suits……Suits….Suits! Street wear is cool. I love it. I feel like it is necessary to have balance in your closet. You have to have clothing for every occasion that means dressing up too. I was talking to a friend who is super into suits and really knows how to spot great ones and we discussed how too many men don’t have a go to suit in their closet for those moments when they have to get formal. At least have a blue or black joint for starters and then when you get your tax money get a tux. In addition learn how to tie a tie. There are several You Tube videos (if you are a visual learner) that will get you right.

Anyway I love using elements of men’s clothing when I dress because it adds the perfect amount of edge to mix with soft lady like elements. I eventually want to find a great men’s suit I can tailor and swag out. Anyway take a look at some great inspiration pics to guide you in the right direction and then mosey on over to MrPorter.com to get motivated. More to come on this subject soon…..



In The Fly Corner: Le Specs


I really like sunglasses but I don’t invest in them too much because I will either lose them or break them. I wish I were more responsible but I’m not when it comes to eye wear. I was browsing Net-A-Porter ( my fave site in THE whole wife world) I stumbled across these cute and affordable Australian based eye wear line called Le Specs. I have an affinity for Australian based designers so I’m not surprised that I got that “gotta have it” butterfly feeling in my stomach. They range from $55-$90. I’m a fan. They are distinct and funky. These are my top picks.






Get them HERE

Must Cop: Peter Pilotto for Target


I saw the news that this was coming and some of you have probably already marked your calendars for February 9th. So I’m semi late…..but this Peter Pilotto collection for Target is my bag! I’m a sucker for a great print. I enjoy mixing prints, textures, colors whenever appropriate and possible. So when I finally got to take a look at the look book for the collection ( insert emoji heart eyes here) I can appreciate that even though the collection is print and color heavy I can mix pieces together and it will looks easy and effortless (very Solange Knowles). If you are just as excited as I am. You can purchase this collection at Target or my favorite store in THE ENTIRE WORLD Net-A-Porter when it drops. Check my faves below.