A Word From Tim Gunn…..

I originally wrote this post back in 2008. I found it today and it’s relevance still holds true. Hope this advice helps!


I think Tim Gunn is a fashion genius, the man knows his stuff and speaks in a way that is appealing to all people. If you look a hot mess he knows how to tell you in the nicest, most intelligent way. The other day I was reading his book, Tim Gunn: A Guide To Quality, Taste & Style and in the beginning he talks about ways to express your like or dislike for an article or collection of clothing. He explains that if you are going to critique something use words that will help you make the distinction between why it appeals to you or why it doesn’t. This is helpful on the journey to discovering what works for you and what doesn’t.

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Must Cop: Melody Ehsani x Reebok Pump


I have never really been into Reebok too much but, when I see a shoe I like it really doesn’t matter who made it. So in today’s episode of shoes I’m listing after I present Melody Ehsani Reebok snakeskin print pump sneaker. They will be available Feb 1st on her website http://www.MelodyEhsani.com and will retail for $200 just in time for valentines day (or nah?). I passed on her first couple of shoes but these are a must cop for me. Check them out!



Current Must Have: A Hockey Jersey…

No. I don’t play hockey, and barely know the rules. I have been to games and my high school had a team so I’m educated a lil bit. Nevertheless, I NEED one in my life. The endless possibilities of outfits that I can come up with with just one hockey jersey. Le sigh. Jeans, leggings, on it’s own as a dress, shorts just so many! My choices are below.

hockey1 hockey2 hockey3All are $179 and available on Shop.Nhl.com

Here’s some inspiration…….



Did that.

In Cool People News: Diet Coke x Mychael Knight


Naturally Project Runway is one of my favorite shows. I cannot sew and I’m always impressed and inspired by designers that can make such amazing clothing by hand. One of my faves from the show and my homie Mychael Knight designed this Diet Coke can for Taylor Swift.

I enjoy when brands team up with fashion to market in an different way. It’s so fun and the can is so pretty it makes you want to put it on display rather than drink it! Check out designs you can purchase at www.shopmk.net/ and follow him on twitter @MychaelKnight and Instagram: MychaelKnight

003 MK-FW10 laurieann-gibson-mychael-knight-bitchie-life


Style Inspiration: Pharrell


Personal style is a way that many people choose to express who they are. The type of clothing you wear can often be a reflection about how you feel. For me it’s exactly that. I love to pull inspiration form both men’s and women’s fashion and mix it together depending on how I feel of where I’m going that day.

One person I have always looked up to in the style department is Pharrell Williams. The mix or street and high fashion with elements of art or his travels are infused into his style in a way that the is pure authenticity. Every time you see him his looks are effortless whether its a suit or sweats. I want to look that effortless when I step out the door every day! He mixes prints, rocks distressed denim, kills suit and cardigans even makes a simple jeans and t-shirt look special.

The one item that I have adopted from his wardrobe has got to be the crewneck sweatshirt. Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good crewneck. I’ve rocked it with heels and jeans or sneakers. Crewnecks are warm, comfy, effortless and can sometimes be layered. I’m here for it and thank Pharrell for showing me the light.