The Billionaire Girls Finally Have A Club.




I am a fan of BBC. I always have been. And if you have been reading this blog long enough. You know that crew neck sweat shirts and hoodies are my thannnnnnng. You will always seem them on here as long as this blog exists. Anyway Billionaire Boys Club have added another branch to the brand with Billionaire Girls Club. You would think with how long BBC has been around this would have happened sooner. However I’m not complaining. I think it’s cute and simple. That price tag….$160……… Not so much. I still want all three though. If you are interested in copping. These hoodies are available on and at the New York flagship store. If you do get yourself one pick me up these three……or nah? #thanksinadvance

BBC x Magna Carta


This image fell on my timeline this morning and I thought I would share. BBC is teaming up with Jay-Z to release a small collection consisting of two tees (in black/white) and this dope grey crew. I love crewneck sweatshirts. You will see ALOT of this on this blog. I have a growing collection and I have got to add. Can’t wait until it drops. There’s not date on the site yet. So it looks like Ill be stalking for it. Thoughts?