Slackin’ On My Mackin……

Man oh man! I am no good. The month of May has decided to be so busy that I cannot find any time to just sit and write. Between preparing for Bonnaroo in June, working my side/main hustle (also known as my day job) and coming up with new project for the site, I have been SWAMPED. I feel sad because I really enjoy blogging and just writing in general but my spirit has to be in the right place. I have also been going though major changes so that may have contributed to my slackness. But these excuses are neither here nor there and when you know better you do better. So I’ll just do better. I am working on a new editorial with a fellow stylist that I am excited about and working on getting some new tools to produce better work (hello Ipad, hello new laptop, hello camera) Which means better posts and cooler stuff for you all to read and see! So this is my apology note for being a slacker. Tis all.




This Pic has little to do with the post, But I needed a pic and I like this sweatshirt.

I’m Taking My Talents To Bonnaroo!


So on a semi impulsive decision, I have decided to head to Tennessee in June and rock out to some new and old music faves at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. I enjoy concerts but music festivals are on a whole different level. My first taste of the festival life was Coachella in 2012, after that I was sold. The vibe, music, people, and the FASHION all wrapped into one are a recipe for a good time. The moment I purchased my ticket my immediate thought was “What am I going to wear?”. I have lived in the south before so I am familiar with the climate (and nothing can be hotter than Coachella so I’m semi prepared) So it will be fun challenge to come up with some  looks for this trip. Keep an eye on the blog for updates until June and check out these throwback pics  from my Coachella trip. If you are going, let me know!