Why Drinking Diet Coke is in Style….


Remember when I wrote the blog about the special edition can designed by Mychael Knight for Diet Coke? Well they SENT me the can and is so pretty. What a cool thing for them to do. Funny thing is every time I’m on a plane I order Diet Coke to drink. It’s tasty, less calories and no sugar. Winning! Get you some and #stayextrodinary

***sips coke**flips hair**

In Cool People News: Diet Coke x Mychael Knight


Naturally Project Runway is one of my favorite shows. I cannot sew and I’m always impressed and inspired by designers that can make such amazing clothing by hand. One of my faves from the show and my homie Mychael Knight designed this Diet Coke can for Taylor Swift.

I enjoy when brands team up with fashion to market in an different way. It’s so fun and the can is so pretty it makes you want to put it on display rather than drink it! Check out designs you can purchase at www.shopmk.net/ and follow him on twitter @MychaelKnight and Instagram: MychaelKnight

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