Kim and Kanye Stunt In Vogue….


Kanye and Kim’s dream have finally come true. As we know Kanye has been saying that Kim deserves to be on the cover of Vogue and Anna needs to make it happen. Well, looks like Kanye got what he wanted and they are BOTH on the cover shot by Anne Leibovitz. If you head over to to see Kim and Yeezy in action and baby North (so cute!)


The Mercy video is still fly in every way possible to me. On my “All Black Everything” days I try to channel this vibe. We know black is slimming and versatile (and also conveys a silent seriousness a la Wednesday Addams) Mondays are always a challenging day for me so all black is easy and effortless.

You can always mix textures when wearing all black to give your look depth and versatility. Especially when you are used to wearing color. So when shopping for black look for embellishments like fringe, tassles, embossing etc. These items will add interest and depth to your all black looks.