The Glow Up: Face Cleanser I’m Loving

I really REALLY love skin care, I am for sure the person who will try just about any mask, cream, or treatment if made available (and affordably to me). I have had clear skin for the majority of my life up until last year. The universe hated on me and out of no where I had acne. Acne At first I thought it was a random breakout. So I would pop pimples (big nono) and try to treat my condition myself (no no again). Things kept getting worse and I finally went to the doctor to get help. I was prescribed Ethromycin and Retin-A and because of those two combinations had to ditch my Peter Thomas Roth cleanser and opt for something that suited my new routine.

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Anna Wintour on Anna Wintour…

Who knew watching Anna Wintour answer 73 questions would be so fun?! Check out this cute video, and get a peek inside the Vogue Magazine offices.I feel like Anna is the distant Auntie whom I never get to see and never comes to family functions but my favorite. Shes so chic and classy.