Dress Like You Listen To Sinatra…….


Suits……Suits….Suits! Street wear is cool. I love it. I feel like it is necessary to have balance in your closet. You have to have clothing for every occasion that means dressing up too. I was talking to a friend who is super into suits and really knows how to spot great ones and we discussed how too many men don’t have a go to suit in their closet for those moments when they have to get formal. At least have a blue or black joint for starters and then when you get your tax money get a tux. In addition learn how to tie a tie. There are several You Tube videos (if you are a visual learner) that will get you right.

Anyway I love using elements of men’s clothing when I dress because it adds the perfect amount of edge to mix with soft lady like elements. I eventually want to find a great men’s suit I can tailor and swag out. Anyway take a look at some great inspiration pics to guide you in the right direction and then mosey on over to MrPorter.com to get motivated. More to come on this subject soon…..



Must Have: 10 Deep Holiday 2013 Collection



Men’s fashion has always been something I enjoyed dressing myself in. Mixing elements from both sides together in one look is what I enjoy about my personal style and makes getting dressed fun for me. On this blog you will learn about my serious lust for crewneck sweatshirts (it is oh SO real). I copped some hanes sweatshirts from WalMart to demo my lust, but that will be in another post.

Anyway, 10 Deep is one brand that I really enjoy lusting after. They really know how to make good use of colors and patterns in their clothing that isn’t super trendy or corny. They just released their 2013 Holiday collection and there were several pieces that caught my eye. My top picks are below. You can check out the full collection HERE. And start dropping hints to your loved ones about what you want for your respective holiday.

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