On My Playlist: Kid Sister “Pro Nails”

This was and still is my jam. I was scrolling my timeline a couple days ago and Kid Sister popped up courtesy of my fave @iso14below (go read her blog HERE). Anyway it reminded me of how much I was into her single pro nails featuring vintage Kanye West. The video and song could arguably be before its time, because the song slaps! Her hair, nail art, sweat suit jackets, and leggings are still on trend today (errbody got something that is represented in that video) Check out the video and twerk a lil something.


Get some inspiration…….

Monday Playlist: Drunk In Love…

One of my fave songs on Beyonce’s album. Makes me want to put on something similar and twerk it for my imaginary boy toy. You have a boy toy? or girl you want to get something nice for and reap the benefits? Get this album.

Happy Holidays!