Pharrell Rocks A Headdress And Everyone Cries…



Elle magazine is by far one of my go to’s for inspiration on all front’s. I actually prefer Elle over Vogue (no shots at Vogue) I just feel like Elle suits my style better and I get a more accessible feel as a reader. Anyway, Elle decided to put Pharrell on the cover with this throwback N.E.R.D. album cover look that is underwhelming. With Pharrell being one of my style inspirations I expected more. So instead of people being mad at this late look. They are mad at the Peter Pan Indian war headdress because it is deemed “offensive”. Now I get it, truly I do, but come ON! It’s not that serious. In fashion there are very few rules, really in fact there are none. Continue reading

The Billionaire Girls Finally Have A Club.




I am a fan of BBC. I always have been. And if you have been reading this blog long enough. You know that crew neck sweat shirts and hoodies are my thannnnnnng. You will always seem them on here as long as this blog exists. Anyway Billionaire Boys Club have added another branch to the brand with Billionaire Girls Club. You would think with how long BBC has been around this would have happened sooner. However I’m not complaining. I think it’s cute and simple. That price tag….$160……… Not so much. I still want all three though. If you are interested in copping. These hoodies are available on and at the New York flagship store. If you do get yourself one pick me up these three……or nah? #thanksinadvance