Sorry Mr. Tisci…….



Let me preface this by saying, I am a fan of both Nike and Givenchy. However the sum of the two left much to be desired. Glorified Air Forces are not my jam. I would have preferred an Air Max, Roshe run etc. When I initially heard about the Nike x Riccardo Tisci collaboration I was really excited. I immediately started thinking about what the collection was going to look like and how epic it was going to be. (I even posted about it HERE) Along with thinking about how much money I needed to put to the side in order to make sure I had a pair. For lack of a better description…I WAS JUICED…Then I saw the actual designs, and immediately reallocated those funds to my Asos wish list.

I totally see where Tisci was going with the designs especially based of what he delivered in his most recent Men’s collection. For me it just didn’t quite connect. I hope they give this another go, but a different design angle altogether, I know Riccardo has it in him to make me want to skip meals and buy his Nikes…..Maybe next time.

What did you think about the collection? Wowed or Nah?

(this is not a hate post, this is a real post)


Riccardo Tisci x Nike


I woke up this morning and did my usual. Checked all my social media (admit it you do too. It’s like the newspaper) I discovered on Instagram by CRFashionbook that Riccardo Tisci (of Givenchy if you live under a rock) Will be collaborating with Nike on a new shoe collection. This is exciting because Tisci takes great inspiration from streetwear and active wear lines. I hope it’s not only shoes and also going to be clothing because if it is, it might just be the most epic collection seen from Nike in a while. Not sure when this collection will be released but please believe I will be stalking the Internet until I find out.

Swag on a hundred thousand trillion.