Attention Sneaker Heads That Travel….

This may be something you want to invest in.

This  bag is stylish and functional at the same time. The Shine Sneaker pack is the size of a carry on bag with compartments for your sneakers as well as clothing, accessories, Ipads and even your fitted caps

Shrine is a company dedicated to keeping tho sneakers you work so hard to get (or not) stay fresh. Along with the shoe backpacks they also make shoe rack storage mounts as well. These racks are functional and put those Jays on display in all their glory.

Check out their kickstarter campagin HERE and check out all the details on Shrine.

(BTW, this is a GREAT gift for the sneaker head in your life)

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Balenciaga Holiday 2013 Sneaker


Psst! Hey fellas (and ladies) If you have some money to blow and want to get a really nice pair of shoes for yourself (or someone else) This is a nice choice. These are from Balenciaga’s holiday 2013 collection.

The suede and leather shoe will come in three vivid monochromatic colors. These are great for both the simplest of dressers to the guys who like to go all out. The red and blue colors are very eye catching and the design is simple so they will last you a long time without looking trendy. Just thought I would give you a heads up! Enjoy!

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