So Necessary: Adidas Stan Smith


My big sister was a huge and still is huge a Adidas fan. I remember her wearing gazelles as a kid and wished that we had the same shoe size so I could wear hers to school. My older sister is the first person who instilled the importance of having a quality sneaker collection in my life. She had Stan Smiths in every color and will wear them with the flyest sweatsuits to school. So I have always had a love for them. However it’s really hard for me to keep white shoes clean so I have ran through several pairs of Stan Smiths. My favorite story about a pair of Smith’s that I had was when I was living in Atlanta and I was hanging out with my sister by Stankonia and Alex studios. Continue reading

Adidas is Runway Ready…


Photos Via Adidas


The iconic Stan Smith Adidas is getting a bit of a high fashion makeover. Adidas has teamed up with luxury department stores Barneys, Colette, and Dover street market to release an even more scaled down version of the shoe. I have always been a fan of the Stan Smiths. I had a green tag pair that I ran into the ground, and I miss them. I have my eye on the Barneys pair for sure. They drop September 10th, if you want them you can stalk Adidas HERE. You are welcome in advance. 🙂

Must Cop: Adidas Stan Smith Spring/Summer Suede Pack…


Spring is just around the corner, even though in California right now it feels like it’s semi already here. So if you are constantly thinking about your wardrobe and stay on a mission to get fresh…’re welcome. Stan Smith Adidas have really been my only favorite from them. They fit well, are easy to clean and the color ways are pretty versatile. My main struggle with men’s shoes is my foot is small so sometimes things don’t come in my size. Which is tragic. I hope these do because those red and turquoise I NEED in my life. These drop March 1st so keep an eye out.




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