If You Love $100 Tshirts………

Then these shirts are for you. You can rep your fave designer with these jersey inspired shirts by LPD New York. They retail for $85 (not quite $100 but close enough) and you can find them HERE. I fake want one but can’t entirely get my head around the $85. Birthday gift maybe? Thoughts?218974_5_600 218974_6_600 jacob


Bad…Badder…Baddest…Who’s bad?!

photo 1 (2)“Bad” has long been a term that guys would describe a female who is visually pleasing to the eye….but fellas you can be bad too!

photo 2 (3)Leo, Brad, and Johnny on tee or tank that fits like a dream, sign me up. You can cop one HERE with your favorite baddie. They run $28.50 and take about 2 weeks to ship. Get one or two and some for your friends!

photo 3 (1)

photo 4 (1)