Super Saturday: Adventures in San Francisco!


I live in Oakland, which is a hop, skip, and a jump away from San Francisco. So on Saturday I decided to hit up some boutiques that I have on a running lonnnnnng list of places I wanted to check out. You can also check out a real deal account of what the day was like at

My first stop was a mens boutique called Nomads located on 556 Hayes St in whats considered the Hayes Valley area. The store is a good size for a boutique intimate but enough room for you to move around and explore comfortably. Nomad carries a diverse selections of brands like Fred Perry, Oliver Spencer, and SLVDR. The price point was between $30-$150 (NOT BAD!)  Great joggers, denim, t-shirt and button down selection as well. I was for sure eyeballing some items for myself. The number one thing that caught my eye was this Sade t-shirt by the brand White Label Cartel. It was only $30 which is not bad for a unique tee that no one will have.


Next stop was totally not fashion related but just as fun. I stumbled upon this bar owned by two sisters dubbes just that “2 Sisters Bar & Books”. Stopped and had a glass of wine (or two) and chatted with the owners. Found out they had mixology classes on Monday you can find our more HERE. Check out their story and mission below!



Next up a couple stores down I stumbled across one of my absolute favorite furniture and interior design stores called Roomservice. Hollywood Regency style is luxe and funky at the same time. I want my ENTIRE house to be designed in this way. I definitely had a  fantasy sequence going on in my head as I browsed the store. One day my house will be totally decked out in stuff from here. (le sigh)



Also located on Hayes St. is a shoe store called Undefeated. This was perhaps the highlight of my day yesterday (besides the drinking). They carry New Balance, Adidas, Nike, Jordans etc. The staff was super cool and engaging, which I like when coming into a store (don’t stare me down and make me uncomfortable I’ll take my money and leave). Anyway my come up for the day was a pair of Jordan slate 10’s IN MY SIZE FOR REGULAR price. WIN-NING!!! Now I may be eating pesto tuna and crackers for lunch all week…..But I got them Jay’s THO! lol. That purchase was meant to be and I smooth walked up out of the store with them.


Over all it was a great day and it ended with me being tipsy with a new pair of shoes. Wiiiiiiiiiiin! I’m excited to hang out in San Francisco more. Holla!


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