Locally Fresh: Juan M…



The idea was to put two people together, give some guidelines, and let the magic happen. I had the pleasure to work with @MissJuan (Juan) and @ErkthaJerk (Erk) on this shoot. I came up with this idea on a whim curious to see what my results would be. I have always admired Juan’s personal style, it is always so effortless. She makes a fitted not look like a joke and I am always intrigued with the combination of her outfits. She really does just wake up like that…and it’s great. To shoot Juan I called on the multi talented Erk who does an amazing job of capturing the essence of a subject and not ruin it by airbrushing the hell out of the final photo. Our Sunday adventure was so much fun. We almost got hit by cars, hawked by strangers, and climbed on an old school truck. I am so proud to show you the sum of our work. Check out my interview with Juan after the drop!

Shot By Erk

Personal style By Juan

Curated by ME….








How did your personal style develop to what it is now?

Good question..  Looking at my style a few years back I can say I was focused on trends and buying items for the moment.. Now I’m looking for something classic and timeless. If I buy something this week I can pull it out the closet in a few years and I’m not dated.. There’s so many rules in the fashion world and for me I don’t care to follow..

What is your thought process when getting dressed?

The only thing that comes to mind is comfort when it’s time to get dressed… I’m good for waiting until the last minute to get ready, so I just grab pieces and throw it together. Nothing is planned.

Whats the item you wear the most and why?
Lately, my distressed Levi shorts. I can dressed them up or down, they’re so versatile. I could wear them everyday.

What inspires your style?
Everything! My mood, the seasons, people… I’m a fan of the 70’s that’s a big inspiration to me as well. Everyone was so cool in the 70’s.





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