Loyalty is Vintage and I’m a Slacker…


Image via @brookandthecity

This is a story about how I was a flaky late bird and missed out on a purchase I wanted to make. Now this doesn’t happen to me too often so when it does I spiral into the biggest crybaby for a few hours. Case in point the shirt above. This creation was curated by one of my absolute favorite people on twitter @BrookAndTheCity. This girl does it all, radio, clothing, writer, lashes (which I’ve gotten and are fab!) and slangs a mean drank! ( tip appropriately) Anyway I set my browser so that I could snag one of her shirts on her site when they were posted but by the time I got there this is what I saw…


Image via @brookandthecity

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Good for Brook……bad for me. I was HOT! And now have to wait until the second round drops. However this means good for you guys too because there will be a second round so make sure you follow her and stay tuned  so you don’t end up like me. Sad and shirtless. Cause if you sleep you will! You’re welcome!

(I’m not whining or complaining, just my thoughts….ok maybe a little)

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