Trippin In Los Angeles…


This weekend I went to LA to handle some business and have some fun with my friend Roxanne. For starters I’m not the biggest fan of LA for a place to live, but I do like to visit. I am a highly visual person so seeing things that inspire and stimulate me visually are my bag. The streets and adorable little neighborhoods with very interesting architecture always make me feel like I could live there (until I get on the freeway and that TRAFFIC!). There’s also the beach and it’s very diverse which is another plus. Anyway I arrived Saturday morning and went to Pan’s diner for breakfast. We were going to Roscoes but I didn’t feel like being cliché and so that’s where we ended up. Later we headed to Melrose so I could get “winged” at the Melody Ehsani store and also visit Supreme, Crooks, and a couple of others as well as snap some pics with MY NEW CAMERA!!!!!! (my photos on here are about to be SO POPPIN!


After we were done on Melrose we headed to the YouTube Space LA, to catch a screening of two shows that were created by BlackSexyTV. I have never watched any of these shows so I was not sure what I was getting into but I was open to. I’m not the biggest TV watcher so I do like to catch up to things online so the fact that this is a YouTube series was right up my alley. I saw an episode of “Roomie Lover Friends” and “Hello Cupid”. Both of which were well shot, scripted, and performed. I was very impressed and was instantly hooked! Once we left Youtube and had dinner at this amazing Indonesian restaurant, we went back to the house and watch the full season of “Hello Cupid” and now I’m hooked. I can’t wait until I have some more free time to catch up and really dive in. Click HERE to go to their YouTube channel.


Next on the mission was going to the infamous “Grits and Biscuits” party at House Of Blues on Sunset. If you have never heard of this party, it’s a no frills event with LOTS of fun. There’s no dress code (win) which means you can be as comfortable as you want. Keeping it low key and wearing sneakers is encouraged. On top of the sweet dress code they play Down South Music ALL NIGHT LONG! Totally reminded me of college, def dropped it low several times. I totally recommend if Grits and Biscuits when it comes to your town. You will love it!












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