September Goals…



September is here, which naturally means summer is on it’s way out!  This also means I need to start preparing my wardrobe to dress like Kanye in GQ (this is so happening folks). Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Mainly because I feel like you have more versatility in outfits. Also because Starbucks starts rolling out the seasonal beverages, as well as the most important of all… I can bust out my beloved crewneck sweatshirt collection on the regular! All reasons to love the fall. So in order to be prepared for all this greatness that the fall season is going to bestow upon us. The only way to get the most out of it is to write some goals down. So for September mine are the following:

1. Find a staple heeled black boot. Yes I like sneakers. Yes I like sweats. However sometimes to look like I thought about getting dressed throwing on a heeled boot with a causal outfit can turn super casual into date night ready just with the shoes alone. I’m stalking these:




find them here

2. Continue to practice with my camera. I’m not going to lie. Learning how to use my camera because of all of the features can be a bit overwhelming. But I really want to be a pro out in these streets. So I better get to reading the manual.


Fujifilm x100 aka “Ralph”


3. Have more adventures. Growing up I wasn’t the most spontaneous or adventurous person (unless it involved me cutting school or other questionable behavior). Now I’m all about it. This past weekend I took an adventure to a beach in Pacifica that ended up being a nude beach (had I gotten a wax I would’ve been all about it) had a great time and made friends with an 77 year old ex math professor who claims his shrimp cocktail is the bees knees. Needless to say… More adventures.


Shot be me in Pacifica, CA


4. Kanye in GQ. Don’t believe me? Just watch.



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