Papi Drinks Wine… And So Do I.


Ralph (my camera) and I have been swagging life out these last couple weeks and I’m having a good time. I feel like I am learning so much and each time I use my camera my shots just keep getting better. So when Randi over at asked me to collaborate on a shoot for her blog of course I said yes! Randi’s blog can be categorized as a Pop-Comic site if a definition is needed. Using pop culture as the anchor but commentary that only could come from her head. In a simpler term… It’s Hella funny.

I styled Randi with tems out of her closet ( yes the fur and Hello Kitty maxi were hers) she did her own hair and makeup, and we got some creative direction from JaEvon Marshall of Marshall Nash Clothing and hit the streets literally. In anything that I do I always have an end result of how things should look in my head. I’m highly visual so it’s  like I’m walking around with a mood board inside of it at all times.  So like anytime I shoot, I am committed to getting the best shot possible it has to match what I see in my head. So if that means lying in wet grass with goose poop or behind a dumpster, so be it I’ll just get dirty. I must say because I have this mindset the photos came out great. I’m so proud of how this turned out head over to PapiDrinksWine for more!


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