Off-White…..On Point!

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I must say…It’s a good day for me as far as high fashion is concerned.  This Off-White collection designed by Virgil Abloh is my Spring spirit materialized in fashion. I want pretty much everything, and even though the first day of Fall was a few days ago, I’m hype for Spring already. This is Abloh’s second collection and you can see his progression as a high fashion designer is on the up and up. Staying true to his street wear roots, he is for sure coming for Vogue’s neck by stepping up his game. The collection is masculine and feminine at the same time with a distinct edge that is all Abloh’s. The Denim and banana leaf printed pieces really made me excited. Truthfully out of 17 looks, I would for sure rock a good 15 of them. I tried to scale down my favorites for the purpose of space (it was SO hard) you can also head over to for the complete collection.



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