Jam Of The Week: Sza…


Photo Via gorillavsbear.net

Her hair is amazing and her music is as well. I have been listening to Sza for a while now and I just can’t stop. This week her latest drop “Z” has been in heavy rotation. When I’m getting dressed in the morning for work, going out, or cleaning up; it always ends up on the playlist. Her voice is so smooth and her personal style totally reminds me of myself (now if I can just figure out her hair situation I will really flourish in these streets.)

A couple weeks ago I was helping my friends over at Marshall Nash Clothing during the Oakland Music Festival and had an opportunity to see Sza perform. She did not disappoint. You can tell she loves what she does and her energy is crazy on stage. She my best friend in my head (hey girl!). Anyway check her out if you haven’t already and let me know what you think below!



Want that “Camp Oakland” sweatshirt? It’s HERE.


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