Obsessed With…


I am a slacker….At least this week I am. I apologize for the lack of posts. However having a full time job and family responsibilities get in the way sometimes and blogging on an iPhone isn’t the easiest. I know you don’t care about these struggles so moving on.

This month I have been seeing a lot of trends in my life. Things that I just am so excited about and keep returning to because they are just THAT great to me. So I decided to share them with you. Some are fashion related some are not, but still get me excited in the same way fashion does.Ill keep everything brief because I know people don’t like to read. So here it goes:

1. Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways: I remember seeing this trailer last month and getting so hype. I don’t want TV often so when I finally got around to it I had 5 episodes to catch up on. This doc follows Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters as they create their album. They travel to different cities all over the US., visit historic studios and give a history of the music scene in that city. Then they incorporate that music into their songs.  This series is AMAZING! It’s informative, passionate, and the music is really good. I am a Foo Fighters fan (surprised or nah?) my favorite song from them is “Pretender”, I have to see them in concert one day. Anyway if you have some free time please watch it. It made me excited about music and open to exploring genres that I don’t typically listen to.


2. Adidas: Last week I posted about the iconic Stan Smith shoes that I just copped. However the party doesn’t stop there. I also copped a hoodie from the Rita Ora collection and another from the Typo collection as well. Out of all the athletic wear brands, I love Adidas the most, just not their shoes. And I cannot and will not mix Nike and Adidas together.



3. Lush: About two weeks ago my friends and I went to brunch at 44 Restaurant and Bar in Berkeley. On Sundays they have Unlimited Mimosas until 4pm. (yes and they are HUGE). We probably drank the equivalent of one bottle each. ( I do not recommend or condone drinking over your limit, but hey party on) Once we were done we decided to head over to Bay street in Emeryville to hit up Sephora and landed in Lush. I never had an interest in this store because I just though it was overpriced for items I could make in my kitchen. Let me tell you, their stuff is actually good, even without the champagne influence. The lip scrub, Sea salt and cosmetic warrior face mask, and the shea butter exfoliating soap are all winners.



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