Made In A Chicago Hood…



Chicago is a very cool place in my book. Visually the city eye catching, just beautiful to me. I have family there, and the restaurants are bomb. Plus, Kanye is from there and y’all know how I feel about Kanye. Anyway, I found out about this brand a couple years ago because I kept randomly seeing some of my Atlanta homies rocking these tie dye hoodies that said “Dope Boy Magic” on them. I thought they were dope and EVERY time I tried to get one, they would be sold out.

Fast forward to the present. With a new super amazingly dope lookbook, a store in Chicago, and a brand that is growing by the day Joe and Vic Lloyd have the answers. Inspired by the fashion and drug word. D.B.M. Mixes the two so well both sides will equally enjoy what they have to offer. Check out my favorite shots from the latest lookbook; and the parka I AM OBSESSED OVER. (I’m still celebrating my birthday so if anyone is feeling froggy). Then head over to D.B.M. for more. You are welcome in advance. 🙂





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