Valentines Day Fly Guide For Him…

IMG_5359Still looking for the perfect gift for bae for Valentines day? Well you are in luck! I have recruited one of the flyest guys I’ve come across on the interwebs to help you find a great gift for the guy in your life. Check out his picks below! Make sure you keep up with him as well:

@greediestgenius @thecrediblesource

Valentines day is just as special to men as it is to women. We want gifts too!! Valentines gifts can be tricky depending on who you’re buying for and how deep the relationship is. I came up with a list to help you ladies out. Gift guide varies and is based on if it’s bae, someone new, or your side piece.

1. Calvin Klein boxer briefs, make sure you get the size right.


2. Anything Adidas, besides soccer pants, #weoffthat but especially classic shell toes, hoodie’s, or a track jacket can all transition from winter to spring.


3. Cologne; I’m sure your boo has a signature scent, but you can never have too much smell good. I would advise Saint Laurent Homme.



4. Portable Bluetooth speakers; can’t go wrong with these. I need something new to blast my tunes on.


5. And lastly you should come up with something unique based on that person’s taste. It can be a date, dinner, whatever you know they like. Since I’m writing this and i’ma make sure bae see’s this;  a BAPE chair, BAPE rug, basically anything by BAPE is a go for me.


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