Out Of The Ordinary V-Day Gifts For Bae…

Traditional gifts are cool for Valentine’s Day if you are into that sort of thing. However, what about the person who is outside the box? Or just a little different? How do you show them love on Saturday? Well, I have some ideas of some unconventional V-Day gifts that your bae will really enjoy if you are still procrastinating on what to get based on my 5 of my favorite things in regular life. If you have been reading this blog then you already know I often have the answers…. Sway. So read on if you need some help and then then report back next week with a thank you lol. (kidding but not)

1. If bae likes to cook, I mean really into it. Get them a set of Chefs Knives and a Subscription to Blue Apron or Plated. These sites will send you a box each week with unique impressive recipes with all the ingredients you will need to cook with. Including sides, spices, meats etc. It’s super thoughtful and you will be able to enjoy some super tasty food long after Valentines Day.
2. If you lover is into music. A record player and some vinyl of their favorite albums and a gift card to a  store that sells Vinyl. Urban Outfitters has great ones.
3. A flower/ wine subscription. Need a say more? Here a a few sites where you can order a subscription for your love to have either delivered monthly for a gift that keeps on giving. Pro Flowers has a flowers of the month club that you can check out. Wine of the Month club is a great place to start your research.
 IMG_53914. Classes! Has your boo been talking about that beer making or sewing class they saw on Groupon or Livingsocial they wanted to take. Get it for them! It shows that you actually pay attention to the things they say (extra points for you).
5. Make something. Are they a fan of Handmade gifts? Get on Pintrest and find some great DIY projects for a million things that you love may be interested in. Get creative. Candles, face masks, Man cave accessories etc.
Hope this helps you! I also hope this helps you get some Saturday! K Bye, You’re welcome.








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