Cooking is Stylish: For the Love of Rib-eye

I love a good steak. And when my body wants it, it just does and I have to give it what it wants. For me Rib-eye has the perfect balance of meat and fat which means HELLA flavor. Earlier this week I went to my local farmers market and bought a $3 bag of baby kale and wanted to do something with it other than saute it. Then I remember this great chopped Kale salad that my mom used to make and also a kale and quinoa salad that I love at my friends Restaurant The Cook and Her Farmer. So boom dinner. I made a dressing (totally eyeballed) from half a lemon, half orange, apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic, shallots, and love.

I marinated the Rib Eye in some random spices but one thing I always use is pineapple juice. The flavor lends so well to the meat without making it sweet. Try it, it’s great. I seared the meat so it was about medium and had a nice crust on the outside. Let it rest and sliced that joint up, threw it on the salad and my night was made. Pretty food is important to me so you already know the plating has to be on point. A quick tip, make sure your food is always colorful. Especially if you are going to be taking pics of it. Preferably use white plates too.

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