When the light hits the ice:     A skincare appreciation post


When I graduated college many, moons ago (don’t ask how many moons ok!) As a gift my mom gave me a ” You’re a grown woman self care kit/Lesson”. She has always been on our heads (my sisters and I) about taking care of our skin. To the point that she will comment things like “I hope you have on sunscreen!” on a fire selfie posted to Facebook. Think I’m kidding? Exhibit A:


She’s about that life! Anyway part of this self care lesson was introducing me to a more preventative skin care routine. As I was growing up and getting out in the real world. One of our stops was the La Mer counter. (She fancy). I must say that my experience at that counter turned me on and proceeded to turn me out into the world of skincare. The woman that helped me was so attentive and informative, she gave me all kinds of advice, recommendations, and resources; so that I could further fall down the rabbit hole of beauty. And boyyyyy did I! That was a valuable experience to me and also set the bar for related experiences going forward.

Fast forward to today my bathroom looks like a Sephora, when I catch my reflection in the sunlight I beam with pride because I am in love with what I see,( see photo above, which inspired this post) and yes mom I wear sunscreen…everyday.  Keep in mind that you can use all the amazing and expensive products available but if you’re not following these 3 rules you’re just wasting your money. These are they you may already know. But i am saying them louder for the people in the back:

  1. Diet! What you put into your body is JUST as important as what you put on it. I eat A LOT of green vegetables. I try to include them in every meal I make. I notice that when I am really on top of my diet my skin responds accordingly. It’s has a inner glow and I get less breakouts as well.
  2. DRINK WATERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Hydrating your body is important. I notice that when I am not drinking enough water my lips are the first to start tripping, then the rest follows suit. Do your googles. Water in important! Don’t think you can drink hella sprites and slap some La Mer on and you’ll be straight. You won’t, trust.
  3. Use Sun protection! Minimum SPF 30. My mom isn’t lying, using SPF (yes, even if you are black) is a MUST. It helps combat wrinkles and the aging process and if you are like me and have a challenges with hyper pigmentation and are acne prone, you really need to be using it. It prevents those dark spots from getting darker Again do the googles please.

So what products am I loving right now? I got your back. here you go:


  1. Rosehip Oil and AHA/BHA peel from The Ordinary: I have been using these for a month now and I’m never taking them out of rotation.First of all they are affordable. BOTH of these items were under $20 and deliver results. I use the peel twice a week when I am on top of things and I’ll follow up with the Rosehip oil to hydrate. This has contributed to my skin’s texture being smoother and combating my hyper pigmentation. The Rosehip oil also works in tandem with those concerns and serves as a hydrator.
  2. I use Rosewater as a toner and boyyyyyyy does it work. Along with balancing the skin it also adds hydration. Again …affordable!
  3. European clay mask: This is similar to the Aztec clay mask however I feel that it’s more gentle on the skin without having to use ACV and yields the same results.
  4. Laneige Water Bank eye gel I have a challenge with under eye puffiness however through testing out products I learned that water based products have really helped with minimizing this. (Also getting my 8-10 hours of sleep whenever possible)

2 thoughts on “When the light hits the ice:     A skincare appreciation post

  1. Great tips! By the talent of her daughter and soundness of her wisdom, Moms sounds like quite the lady. I will most definitely use the game provided here. Keep it up!

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