Follow Rules….For What?


I was doing my daily peruse through My Tumblr and came across this photo. I liked it. Reblogged it. And kept it moving. Then a lightbulb went off in my head. I started thinking about all the rules that people try to put on others when it comes to personal style. It’s called PERSONAL style for a reason. It’s yours, and what you do with it is your business. Anyway, one so called rule that annoys me is this not repeating outfits rule. The hell!? Most people must be ballin in these streets but for this full time student/employee/entrepreneur that’s not an option. I’ll repeat and remix something several times and don’t be surprised if you see it on Instagram several times as well. Continue reading

Pharrell Rocks A Headdress And Everyone Cries…



Elle magazine is by far one of my go to’s for inspiration on all front’s. I actually prefer Elle over Vogue (no shots at Vogue) I just feel like Elle suits my style better and I get a more accessible feel as a reader. Anyway, Elle decided to put Pharrell on the cover with this throwback N.E.R.D. album cover look that is underwhelming. With Pharrell being one of my style inspirations I expected more. So instead of people being mad at this late look. They are mad at the Peter Pan Indian war headdress because it is deemed “offensive”. Now I get it, truly I do, but come ON! It’s not that serious. In fashion there are very few rules, really in fact there are none. Continue reading

Dear Eastbay And Hypebeasts…..Updated


Don’t mess this up for me! As most know by now there is going to be a gargantuan restock of Jordan’s Saturday on Now I am not one to buy every single Jordan that comes out. I strive to maintain a balance in my closet between heels and sneakers. However there are three pairs of Jays that I missed out on that are going to be on sale Saturday that I MUST get. My soul will not rest until I have them. Like I said There’s ONLY three and most have Nostalgic value because I couldn’t afford (and my mom wasn’t having it) to buy them when they first came out when I was a kid.

Continue reading