Follow Rules….For What?


I was doing my daily peruse through My Tumblr and came across this photo. I liked it. Reblogged it. And kept it moving. Then a lightbulb went off in my head. I started thinking about all the rules that people try to put on others when it comes to personal style. It’s called PERSONAL style for a reason. It’s yours, and what you do with it is your business. Anyway, one so called rule that annoys me is this not repeating outfits rule. The hell!? Most people must be ballin in these streets but for this full time student/employee/entrepreneur that’s not an option. I’ll repeat and remix something several times and don’t be surprised if you see it on Instagram several times as well.

When it comes to personal style do what makes you feel good. Now of course find some guidelines and fundamental tools to help dress for your body type but other than that…. Just go for the gusto. I love neon and if neon ever goes out of style I will still being rocking it because I love it and it looks great against my skin. If I want to wear sequins at the park in the daytime I can do that too.  So can you if the spirit guides you to do so. This may come off as a bit of a Kanye rant but this pic totally resonated to me and I hope it does for you. I am an artist and getting dressed is how I make art. And in Art there are no rules…. Ask Warhol. Bye!

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