Locally Fresh: Rico D Gives Us The Must Cop Shoes For Spring…


I enjoy meeting new people especially ones who are truly individuals and comfortable with who they are. Rico D is one of those people. Get to know him and his style, passion for shoes and get a heads up on the sneakers you must cop in the Spring.

Who are you? Where are you from?

I am Rico D… Born and raised in Berkeley, CA.

I would describe my style as……

Sophisticated Streetwear… Urban Streetwear… Athletically Street… Ashy to classy.

When you hear “I Am Styling On You” what does that mean?

The term first brings to mind CONFIDENCE. Confidence not only in yourself but what you are bringing to the table and going put on display for the world. The term “i am styling on you” creates a mindset and describes a person that is confident not only in their fashion sense but also in self worth. It’s a lifestyle that we must become devoted to in order to SHINE! in more ways than one.

What Sneaker brands are you a fan of? Why?

Sneaker brands that I am a fan cover many lifestyles and demographics. MY FIRST LOVE AND MAIN CHICK is and WILL ALWAYS BE NIKE! LOL I could not sit here and say that Nike did not spark my shoe interest. 1993 The Nike Air Raid aka “ Tim Hardaway” changed my LIFE!! and a Love affair with sneakers began! There have been brands that have made nice sneakers over the years but M has remained consistent. I think thats what draws me to them. Nike can release a pair of shoes from 20yrs ago and SELLOUT! No matter what is or has been set the set the bar! PERIOD!! lol but don’t sleep on other brands… Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Asics, Del Toro, Timberland, New Balance, RedWing, Converse, FILA the list is LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG.

Spring is coming, and summer is right around the corner. What are some of your must cop shoes this season?

Nike Roshe Runs
Asics Gel elyte lll
Nike Air Max 95s and 97s
New Balance 580
Adidas Classic Running
Reebok DMX ReRelease
Jordan “Carmine” 6s
Kevin Durant 6s
Colorways and styles play an important role… I always felt that spring/summer is made for Running Shoes, low top and Retro Sneakers ONLY! Lol put the Foams Away!! And I’m a Foamposite fiend!


What do you look for when deciding what shoes you must get?

Color way, quality, availability, comfort, market saturation, hype, and personal preference. All these things play a role in the sneaker pursuit.  One important role is the sneaker consultant; not someone that is a sneaker guru but your REAL Homie that will talk u down from the edge when ur ready to dive in head first and grab some WACKNESS! Something for too much or that dreaded HYPEBEAST. SNEAKER CONSULTANT- VERY VERY IMPORTANT ROLE! FIND ONE! Your judgment could be clouded at times… BE CAREFUL!!

What is your favorite pair of shoes?

French Blue Jordan 12s, Reebok DMX running shoe, Kangaroo Zip-Pocket running shoe, the original NIKE diamond turf trainers aka Deion Sanders and the Reebok classic Aerobic Hightops (moms and I was KILLIN EM wit them)


Any last words?

PUT THE JORDANS AND FOAMS AWAY SOMETIMES lol they are many DOPE sneakers that are not made by Jordan and Nike. All these current release are replays. New Jordans haven’t been nice since the 17’s. You can find quality shoes at low prices! the extra tax doesn’t make it great! I too was an early copper… a few dollars isn’t bad but this prices these young ins is payin NO THANK YOU! Retail shawty is what they call me! Look out for collab between designers and sneaker brands not collars with Kanye, Jordan and Wale. Don’t be afraid to google sneakers. If you want to be considered a Sneakerhead or just have a nice sneaker game work on it! Know something other then release dates!  KEEP YOUR PRIORITIES IN ORDER! don’t cop a shoe to impress the world that doesn’t care if u eat or starve! Know what you’re good at and be GREAT AT THAT first! Easier to master one thing and then move on t the next… then to try and master 10 things at once! Remember THE TRUTH IS NOT HATE and A COMPLIMENT IS NOT THIRST!

Follow Rico D on instagram: Berkeleys_RicoD

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