Summer Rituals…


Via Marshall Nash Clothing


Summer is on and poppin and I am loving it. Besides the Fall; Summer is runner up for my favorite season. It’s all about dressing for the temperature, having fun, and drinking in public!(kidding but not) Anyway, one of my favorite local designers Marshal Nash just dropped their summer collection which makes looking sexy and staying cool extra easy. Marshall Nash has always been great about making it pretty much effortless to look good and get the most out of their collections and this one is no different. I know I’m a sucker for a sneaker and a crew neck but sometimes you have to switch it up and get ladylike. My top choices from this collection would be the “Navy Fleet” dress and the “Camp Oakland” tank. I would wear that damn tank with probably everything and the dress would have my boobs on 1000. Check out my picks below and head over to to shop. Also check out this dope behind the scenes video below (all the models are super bad…..hello!)


Via Marshall Nash Clothing

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