Top 5: Heels This Season…As Told By Siggi B.


All photos via Net-A-Porter


I have A LOT of sisters. Enough to have our own starting lineup in a soccer match. With that being said we all have very distinct styles. Which is great because I always pull inspiration for my own outfits and style from people I know and my surroundings. So it’s only right that I tap one of them to talk about their perspective on style and trends. This go ’round we have Sigourney Bennett aka Siggi B (for short).
What I enjoy about Siggi’s style is that she likes to make dressing look easy, classic, and funky at the same time. Along with that she knows her shoes! Homegirl can tell you anything that you want to know about a dope heel and she rocks them well. However being a California girl she knows how to dress down with chucks and still stay fresh. She provided me with her top five shoes for the season and some style advice on how she would rock them. Check it out!

1. “Sandals and nude pumps go with everything. Classic silhouettes never go out of style and you get a super bang for your buck.You can wear them with anything like sweatpants, boyfriend jeans; even leather leggings to cocktail dresses. Plus heels make your calves look sexy (hello!)”
2. “Thigh High boots add a bit of biker edge to your look, but has to be done right. Keep in mind the length of your skirts or shorts so that you don’t lean on looking “pretty womanish”. Boots in this style are perfect for the grown and sexy night with your man. AND you can leave them on long after the date 🙂 Plus they are warm for the winter”
3. “I love the silver shoes because it’s a great alternate to a pop of color and a little metallic detail goes a long way. The straps are flirty and the shoe over all is very versatile.”
4. “Finally chucks are so necessary. They are clutch for those no brainer outfits. When I’m dressing down I still want to be cute and comfortable with my sweats and jeans, and I will top it off with a tee and my favorite jean jacket.”


Image via Hypebeast

If you want to follow more of Siggi B’s style click HERE.


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