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I’m not much of an R&B downtime music listener(Unless it’s ’90s R&B). I feel like the timing has be appropriate for me to be in that mindset. I won’t divulge into what those times are but take a wild (or a couple) of wild guesses. Anyway I love Hip-Hop music and I like to play my music really loud, especially in my car. ​So slow jams are not my choice when I am blasting music down the street. My father is a musician so I grew up having some kind of studio set up in my house (so blame him for the loudness, Thanks Dad!) Anyway PartyNextDoor dropped an album last week under my BFF Drake’s OVO sound umbrella. When I first heard of this guy, I was like oh no….not another Weeknd, who I am not fond of at all. However thanks to Spotify, I can listen to his album for the free without much commitment. So I gave it a listen and I love it! I feel like I can blast this in my car or getting dressed and stay sucka free. It’s smooth but aggressive at the same time (right up my alley). I can listen to the whole album with no skips, which in my book is a win. Take a listen below. Are you feeling it? Drop a comment!


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