3 Items I’m Checking For This Fall…

Fall is upon us and in my quest to dress like Kanye in GQ for the whole season. I have been plotting and planning my wardrobe. Now some of these items Kanye probably wouldn’t wear but he would certainly approve of so I am good.  All of these picks are things that I wear or possibly own anyway so really I am just giving you guys game and coming up with a shopping list which is already milesssss long. Anyway let’s get into it!:

1. Sweat Suit: I own several. Patterned ones.Solid ones. Expensive ones.One from Wal-Mart. They run the whole gambit. I love them. Some people think they are lazy.  (Karl Lagerfeld def thinks so.) I don’t, as long as you put effort into your look, nothing will look lazy. I actually like the fake lazy look a la “model off duty”. If you don’t have one, get you one you can wear it as a separate or as a whole fit. It’s three outfits in one. You are welcome. I am currently obsessing over this suit I found on Asos  that I can put heels, boots, or kicks. It’s perfect for me.



Via Asos.com

2. Flannel/Plaid anything: This has grown as a staple in my closet especially hanging out with my friend Randi. She is the flannel queen and was before it was trendy. I love it. There are so many ways you can rock this item. Ill double it up and but two different ones together, layer it, the cliche tie around the waist… all of it. I’m really into the maxi flannel shirts right now. This one from NastyGal is fun and I can see all of the outfit ideas for this bouncing around in my head right now.


Via NastyGal

3. Adidas Shelltoes: For me a staple. My big sister put me on Adidas as a young chap. She had some Gazelles that I was in love with, but we are 11 years apart and did not wear the same shoe size.  Growing up I Loved her style! She  could rock the relaxed look, sweats, Adidas, an McM backpack like it was nothing. She was so cool to me. (still is) But she def fostered my love for Adidas. So as an ode to her, So necessary for the fall. Cop.



via Adidas.com


Get ready…fall is coming and I’m about to be so swaggy.

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