It’s That Time of Year Again!: Supreme F/W 2014


Photo via SupremeNyc



Man oh man! Supreme dropping their Fall/Winter preview always makes my day. This year the hoodies are winning it for me. The only challenge with Supreme is that items sell out so fast, if you really want something you have to stalk the website for drops. Also there are no retocks, once it’s gone, it’s gone and you better holla at Ebay.

Anyway, I was browsing through the lookbook this morning and there are a few must haves in the  mix. This neon perfection above, the american flag hoodie, and the box logo hoodie are at the top of my list (pics below) You can also check out the rest of the lookbook HERE. Looks like my Fall is shaping up to be very swaggy and my Goal of dressing like Kanye is happening! Yay me!




Photo via SupremeNyc


Photo via SupremeNyc


Photo via SupremeNyc

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