Cool Alert!: Moss Clothing Fall 2014 Lookbook…

Photo Via Moss Clothing

Since I was house bound most of the weekend I had an abundance of time to browse the internet for cool stuff. Does that young face look familiar to you? Of course he does! It’s the late great ODB’s son YDB (young dirty bastard.)

I discovered Moss Clothing via a tweet from Complex Magazine about the clothing lines latest lookbook.  So I went on their site and fell in love. The way that Moss uses colors and prints on classic cuts is to be admired. It’s bright, quirky, and fun with a New York edge. The chinos with the 40 oz’s on them won me over. To sum it up Moss is doing street wear differently in a non corny cliche way. Along with YDB, the shoot also features the sons from other hip hop greats like Big Pun and Jam Master Jay. Not only is the shoot dope but Moss has some pieces I would for sure cop (when I get more monies.) Check out my favorites from the shoot and some of my picks from their fall drop.

Photo Via Moss Clothing

Photo Via Moss Clothing


Photo Via Moss Clothing

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