NBA AllStar 15 x Shrinerack Weekender Backpack…


Way back when I started this blog I discovered this Kickstarter campaign for an amazing bag for the ultimate sneaker head explorer. Well they have certainly grown from that campaign into great collaborations like this one with the NBA for All Star Weekend. Whats ever more cool is that the backpack will be apart of the Official NBA gifting lounge as well. I love to see brands that I am passionate about winning and this is def a great win for Shrinerack. Check out the full details on their blog and pics of the exclusive bag below. I can’t want to see which one of my fave players will be rocking the backpack.

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Cool Alert!: Moss Clothing Fall 2014 Lookbook…

Photo Via Moss Clothing

Since I was house bound most of the weekend I had an abundance of time to browse the internet for cool stuff. Does that young face look familiar to you? Of course he does! It’s the late great ODB’s son YDB (young dirty bastard.)

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Spending Everything on Alexander Wang…


Fashion week is underway folks. Which means we are looking ahead at what Spring 2015 has to offer us. Fashion is so fast, sometimes it can be hard to keep up with what season we are looking at. I mean I am still trying to finalize my Fall and Winter looks (operation dress like Kanye). Anyway I have been taking a look at the shows and gathering my thoughts and feelings. So far so good I would say. Nothing I that wanted to write home about with the exception of a few. Case in point Alexander Wang. With a looming collaboration with H&M dropping soon, he made sure that Fashion Week was not left off the agenda.

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Team Cozy: UNYFORME x Cooked Up


photo via Hypebeast


Comfort will forever be my motto when it comes to my style. I have GOT to be comfortable! Even on the days when I want to get super dressed up with heels, etc comfort comfort comfort! Anyway if you read my blog consistently you know that sweatsuits are my jam. I love a good one, and menswear ones seem to be so much better than the womens’ ones that I find. Mainly because of the quality and fit.
Anyway enough about my feelings. This morning during my daily scroll of instagram I discovered this collaboration between New York City based streetwear brand UNYFORME and streetwear innovator Frank Cooke of Cooked Up.

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Required Reading: Tomboy BKLYN



Boy do I love cool sh*t. Like really love it, especially when I can identify with the vibe and the message. Thanks to my good friend @iso14below over at I have found a mag that I know is going to super pop.  10 year design veterans in the fashion industry Elizabeth and Ashta are on a mission to empower the progressive and stylish “tomboy”. By offering a magazine that honors that spirit and style for women.

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Things Cool People Like: Black Ivy x World Cup…


Photos via

The duo of Street Etiquette have released a super sweet line to commemorate the World Cup that is nothing short of amazing. When I was a kid I played Soccer (futbol) for about 8 years. At first my mother made me do it (for what reason I don’t know) because to this day she talks about how she had to drive my sisters and I all over town on the weekends to games, and how she secretly wished that we would lose games so that she could have some chill time. (shady) Continue reading

You Look Good….You Smell Good: Bond No. 9…….


Smelling good is just as important as looking good. The day I got my first “grown woman perfume” a good friend of mine gifted it to me. The box itself excited me. I wanted to keep every single piece that came with it and in it. It was a bottle of Astor Place from Bond No.9……..After that first spray…I was HOOKED. Every time I wore that scent I would get constant compliments about how good I smelled. That was about 5 years ago and to this day that is one of my go to scents. On top of the amazing scents the bottles are works of art and all inspired by my favorite city New York…Just beautiful. Anyway here are some great options and stop by your local Nordstrom or Saks to try out some samples and peep my my faves below.


20140205-203928.jpg @bond_no9

Shout out to E!!


Supreme x Champion: I Have Died and Gone to Sweat Suit Heaven…

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For reasons unknown I was awake at 4am. SO naturally I grab my phone. Checked twitter, instagram, and then my email (skipped facebook because I cannot bear to see yet another engagement it’s way too early) Anyway, in my inbox was an email from Supreme. Which is why I’m posting at 4 in the morning.

Supreme collaborated with Champion again and this time it’s not just a crew neck…..THEY HAVE SWEATPANTS TOO! And they are DOPE! I contemplated even posting about this because I didn’t want to up the hype but I did and you are welcome. This drop will be available December 12th and will come in four colorways. That is all you are getting out of me. For details visit

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