You Should Know About: Pin Trill



Accessories are just as important as your ensemble. They are like the Lawrys seasoning to your outfit. They complete it, they are necessary, and they should be unique. Instagram is probably my favorite social networking site. I am highly visual about everything so it totally serves great purpose for me. Any way this post is not about my love for instagram, however I did discover the brand I am posting about today on there.

Pin Trill (such a great name) is a streetwear accessory line that is rooted in creating high quality unique, trendsetting pins. My favorite is the “Bae” pin. I really want to get these for my crew, it’s just so cute an cleaver. They also had a Pack inspired by Drake and Beyonce. Needless to say, Pin Trill has it’s ear to the streets and be knowin. Check out their range of pins HERE, and make sure you sign up for the mailing list to stay up to date on future drops.

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