Personal Style: Sweatpants are Always Appropriate…


Shot by Eric Williams

Sweatpants will always be a in my closet, and I will always try to wear them with anything, anywhere. They are just comfortable and because they are popular right now, you can find a plethora of styles in stores and online. These Marshall Nash “Party Queen” sweats are a great addition if you are looking for some sweats that will be universal. There is always more than one way to wear a sweat suit and I am always on a mission to make them work for any occasion.

 For a more dressed up look, I would be pair them with heels and some kind of feminine dressy top, like this sequin tunic. Sequins are also appropriate for daytime, as long as they are not too shiny. Look for a more matte sequin or a vintage top that has naturally become more matte over the years. I would also switch out the heels for a flat sneaker if I were wearing this during the day to run errands (what? I would). These sweats also come in white if you are not clumsy like me and can wear it without something happening. Head over to Marshallnashclothing to shop the full Fall/Winter line, and tell them I sent you!



Shot by Eric Williams

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