I’m No Model Either Baby…



Every time I do a post or work with someone where I’m the subject of the photo shoot… I get slightly stressed out. I wanted to be a stylist because they work behind the scenes. I have just never been totally comfortable in front of the camera (still not). In this day and age of the personal style blogger. Sometimes it is necessary to be the subject, le sigh, and those days are the ones that are a challenge for me.

However, if this means that I am one step closer to being able to put “for booking” in my social media bio or host a club night sign.me.up! (I’m joking). Let this be a lesson in doing things that make you uncomfortable because there’s always going to be something that you will learn. This shoot was for my good friends over a Marshall Nash and was shot by my other good friend Eric Williams. The full post and outfit details will go up on a Tuesday (tomorrow). For now look at my face and hair and fave sequin shirt. Holla!


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