Runway to Gameday…

IMG_4627.JPGMy style goal no matter what is to be fly and comfortable. Of course I want to look good, but I also don’t want to look awkward during photo ops because I don’t like something I’m wearing. I really enjoy adding a masculine edge  into my wardrobe but still maintaining feminine elements. is a site where you can find tons of great sports paraphernalia and goods for all of your favorite teams.  I have been wanting to buy some MLB hats to incorporate into my everyday looks. So I chose this Oakland A’s hat (because a Yankee fitted would have been so predictable for me and I live in Oakland). Even if you are not going to a game, you may be hitting a cute bar or lounge you can still show your team pride and personal style at the same time.
 Instead of going the matchy route with the A’s cap, I decided to include elements of the colors into the whole look. So the the gold jewelry, yellow clutch and earthy shoes all tie back to the hat. Then grab some really comfortable jeans (so that you can jump and cheer  when your team scores)  and a jacket in a primary color to tie it in and add some edge. I would totally rock this look everywhere and hope it inspires some ideas for your game day style.

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