Unicorn Shawty On…..Dating (Part 1)


Before moving to Oakland, I was the girl who dressed up to go EVERYwhere. I dressed up to go to the Grocery store, to run errands, even sometimes to just chill in the house (just in case I got a call to hang outside the house. My motto was, “stay ready and you don’t have to get ready”. I lived by it.

 Since moving, a lot has changed.**Enter lazy ass Maryam**.
Don’t get me wrong, when the time comes I can get dolled up and beat a face but sadly, living here leaves little opportunity to do so. So I embraced my deep love for crew necks sweats and Jordans  which I wear every change I get. I realized that I could still be cute but not try as hard and have been rocking with them ever since. Along the way, I forgot that my street-wear style is not appropriate for all life’s occasions. One of those occasions being…..dates.
Apparently, it’s not appropriate to wear my Stan Smith Adidas on a date…or my camo jacket. No matter how popping my makeup may be and flawless my hair is, my style choices have been a turn off based on feedback from “said date” and close friends. The look of sheer disgust on my friends’ faces as a described my date outfit is enough to actually end friendships. Even my date hit me (jokingly…but not) with the infamous “what are thoooooose?!”
Well damn…….I have fallen off and gotten comfortable with being comfortable but no more! I’m gonna get my dating style together and you all are going to witness this transformation. I mean…. someone has got to hold me accountable right? Might as well be you guys. Stay tuned. 🙂

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